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We develop engaging, interactive and effective content cost-effectively. From customer engagement videos and interactive learning activities to eLearning training modules and SCORM packages, Learn Studios has the team to deliver great quality content that meets your objectives.

A more detailed description of our service offering is provided below.

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eLearning Production

Planning your course, key and supporting message development, slide creation, client consultations and eLearning course development are at the core of our service offering. Interactive and engaging content is fundamental to our development philosophy.

Customer Engagement Content

Video, animation, gamification, audio and voice over production are core to content development services.

eLearning Development

Our team of Instructional Designers are experts in the use of a range of popular eLearning software tools including but not limited to Articulate 360, Articulate Storyline 2, Lectora and Adobe Captivate.

Video Production

Video production is increasingly a priority for mid-budget eLearning projects and provides for a range of exciting possibilities for enhancing the engagement of your training content. We can direct, edit and incorporate high quality video into your eLearning projects.

Learning Management Systems

Learn Studios has a team of experienced Web Designers and Developers ready to build a publishing and distribution platform to meet your organisation's objectives. From internal training platforms, to public facing eCommerce websites, we've got you covered.

Audio Production

Appealing to the auditory learner is an important priority for any training initiative. Our audio production service covers audio recording and editing, but also script development, voice over talent selection and direction. Our default practice is to incorporate voice-over audio with all of our eLearning content.


Content can be substantially enhanced through the incorporation of animation. Our animation service is flexible, and can cover simple graphic animations to multi-media animation including script development, story-boarding, talent selection, direction, voice-over recording and editing, illustration and animation integration.

Diagrams and Illustrations

The communication of technical concepts often requires the incorporation of effective diagrams and illustrations. Our service can include the sourcing and or development of diagrams, including 3D animation diagrams, particularly to illustrate complex medical or engineering related concepts.

Website Development

Distribution of online training content requires an effective website platform, whether it be to an internal audience of staff, the customer or the public. The design and development of high quality websites is fundamental to our course publishing and Learning Management System service.